Biblical Studies (BS)

Acts surpasses nearly all the New Testament books in length. Luke purposed to provide an account of the origin and development of the church under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit; that theme is carried forward in Acts 1:8 and throughout the book. It is an inseparable link between the gospels and the epistles. Therefore, without Acts the New Testament would be incomplete. Originally, Luke's two writings, his gospel account and Acts, likely circulated as one work. The narrative of Acts was the natural sequel to the story of Luke's gospel account. In this subject, we’re going to learn about Keys to Acts, Purposes of Acts, Prominent Subjects, Overview of the First Great Mission of Paul, The Second Great Mission of Paul to the Gentiles: to Europe, The Third Great Mission of Paul to the Gentiles/ Asia Minor, Outstanding Characters of Acts, and Church Government Established

Between The Testaments:

Description:The New Testament begins with the Romans ruling Palestine. The throne is occupied by an Idumaean king named Herod. At the end of the Old Testament, the Persian Empire ruled Palestine. The throne of Israel was occupied by a Jewish king named Zerubbabel. The time between the Old Testament and New Testaments is about four hundred (400) years, 445 B.C. to 4 B.C. In this course, we’re going to learn about Inter Testament Period, the Twelve Disciples; The New Testament from God to Us, God's Final Revelation, Setting of the New Testament, Six Periods of Jewish History, Greek Background, and Roman Background


BS 102 New Testament Survey (Part - I)

Description: This is a brief synopsis of inter-Testamental history or the four hundred (400) silent years from Malachi to Matthew as it concerns the Jews. No study of the Bible is complete that does not take into consideration the events of the four hundred (400) years which elapsed between the Old and New Testaments. During this time no inspired writer, historian, or prophet appeared. This course will cover the
period between the testaments through the book of Revelation.

Old Testament Survey - I

Description: The Bible is Incomplete without the Old Testament. Both the Old and New Testaments make up the inspired Scriptures. The New Testament was never intended to replace the Old Testament. Instead, the New Testament was given to complement the Old Testament, to complete the story. This course will cover Introduction to the Old Testament through II Samuel

(BS104) Old Testament Survey Part - II

Description: Previously we studied in Old Testament I the beginnings of human history, and the God Who controls it. There are key revelations in the Old Testament, such as to give sense to the New Testament events such as the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ in the Gospels, and the judgments
of Revelation. The Old Testament is extremely valuable to us as far as beginnings are concerned, giving us understanding of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. The Divine revelation of the Old Testament is invaluable to us today. This course will cover Introduction to the Old Testament from I Kings to Malachi.

General Epistles

(BS - 215) (BNT - 215)
(Covers the Epistles of James, I Peter, II Peter, I John, II, John, III John & Jude)
Description: As we enter into the study of the General Epistles in the New Testament, we’re going to study in depth these epistles: James (Faith That Works), I Peter (Suffering for the Cause of Christ), II Peter (False Teaching), I John (Fellowship and Love), II John (TRUTH AND THE CHRISTIAN), III John (Spiritual Health and Prosperity) and Jude (Judgment on the False Teachers).


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