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Education and Ministry Experience

A copy of High School Diploma or GED must be emailed, or mailed to the HSU Admissions office. Please specify the highest degree that you have earned and schools that you have attended.

Please attach photocopies of all Ministerial Credentials previously or currently held through other organizations. Also, include photocopies of all educational certificates, diplomas and degrees issued by valid educational institutions.

Certificate / License Type
Personal Faith Statement

Answer frankly and honestly. Disagreement does not necessarily disqualify a student from attending HSU.

1- Do you believe that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant Word of God

2- Do you believe in the Trinity, God the Father; God the Son; and God the Holy Spirit

3- Have you been saved (born again) as Jesus taught in the Gospel of John

4- Do you believe in the Holy Spirit as demonstrated in the book of Acts

5- Do you believe that Jesus heals today

6- Do you believe in the return of Jesus Christ to this earth

1. All of the information I have provided is accurate and truthful.

2. I have read the information in the GCM website and understand the regulations governing the GCM, USA.

3. I am in agreement with the policies and standards of the GCM, USA.

4. I am willing to uphold them and live by them if I am accepted as a minister at the GCM, USA.

5. I acknowledge that no other representations have been made to me in writing, electronically, or orally other than what is stated in the GCM website.

6. I am in agreement with Doctrinal Statement of General Council of Ministers, USA.

7. I understand that I am required to submit an annual credentials assessment in the amount of $75.00 (Licensed Teacher), $100.00 (Licensed Layman), $125.00 (Licensed Ministers) or $225.00 (Ordained Ministers) at the December 31st. of each year. The annual credentials assessment will renew my ministerial status and I will receive the updated Annual Fellowship Card. I know that, after January 31st. of each year there is an extra late renewal payment of $ 25 for each license.

8. I understand that we are to support the mission and ministry of the General Council of Ministers, USA by faithful stewardship of my time, talents and treasures. According to my understanding of the will of God concerning this matter, I pledge to support our fellow ministers in GCM, USA as Gods bless me.

9. I understand that I am to continue the study of the Holy Scriptures and keep my prayer life with godly lifestyle.

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