General Council of Ministers

What is the General Council of Ministers, USA ?
The General Council of Ministers, USA (GCM, USA) is a network of Christian ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ who establish a network of churches, ministries and cell-churches, all over the world. (GCM, USA) grants license in four levels of ministry: Ordination Certificate, a Ministerial Certificate (license), Layman Certificate and Teacher Certification. and establish a Network of Satellite Churches all over the world. Using the power of media, the power of the local Church, the power of the Word, and the power of the prayer to plant satellite churches in every place that the sole of our feet tread upon.

Our Object
The message of the General Council of Ministers, USA is strictly spiritual. Although it offers advanced Ministry Licenses, the main goal is to introduce the body of Christ (The Church) to the knowledge of God through His living Word.

Statement of Purpose
The primary purpose and earnest pursuit of General Council of Ministers, USA (GCM) is to properly prepare and equip ministry practitioners of all kinds Pastors, Evangelists, and other Fivefold Ministers, Missionaries, Chaplains, Christian Educators, Bible Counselors, Lay Church Workers, and any other form of Christian vocation, especially faith-based Christian workers. GCM recognizes the work of the ministry as a divine calling which no human can provide, and the requirement to “study to show thyself approved, a workman that need not to be ashamed” (II Timothy 2:15) as a divine mandate and admonition, a significant portion of which can come through Spirit-anointed and appointed human ministers rendering Spirit-inspired instruction and tutelage. The primary role of GCM with the HSU is to teach believers how to rightly divide the Word of Truth in order to make a personal discovery and pragmatic application of the Word, Will, and Ways of God, as well as the lifelong learning process of how to yield to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.