Fill out the application in full either on-line or by obtaining a hard copy from our website and send it to our mailing address provided.

Application Fees

Pay the Initial Application Fees, in the total amount of US$ 150.00, using any of the ways we have for you to pay, please go to the Payments page.


After you have sent the application and paid the application fees, please, take copies of the diplomas, certificates and transcripts of your previous courses as well as your resume (CV) and any letter of recommendation (s)and e mail them to us. We may request the original transcript of the last degree you earned.


After receiving the copies of your documents, we will evaluate your case and develop an educational degree program. We will also direct you to obtain the original documents and/or transcripts you need to be sent directly from your colleges or high school to us. We will answer any question you still have.


With the result of the evaluation process, we will be able to discuss and establish, together, the best financial alternative for you to pay. Then, we will issue the documents for you to sign, as the final agreement between you and the HSU.


Now you are enrolled as a student in HSU. You will receive a student ID and password to begin your journey of your higher education through our sophisticated on-line study system. Also you will have help from our dedicated staff step by step. May God Bless you.