Terms Of Service

A) Application Agreement
1- I do hereby affirm the following to Holy Spirit University:
2- Attendance at Holy Spirit University is a privilege and not a right.
3- All of the information I have provided is accurate and truthful.
4- I have read the catalog and understand the regulations governing the University.
5- I am in agreement with the policies and standards of the University.
6- I am willing to uphold them and live by them if I am accepted as a student at the University.
7- I acknowledge that no other representations have been made to me in writing, electronically, or orally other than what is stated in the University.
8- As a Holy Spirit University student I will be honorable in conduct, honest in word and in deed, dutiful in study and service, and respectful of the rights of others.

B) Replies
All responses from HSU will be via electronic mail. If there is necessity for using the post mail, these replies will be posted by 1st class or air mail with the U.S. Postal Service unless the applicant encloses pre-paid self-addressed envelopes for courier service such as UPS, Federal Express, or Express Mail.

Application Submission Checklist
1- Application form completed and signed
2- Photo enclosed with application form (or e mailed)
3- $150.00 nonrefundable application fee enclosed
4- Pastors reference form submitted to pastor
5- Transcripts requested from all previous schools, colleges and universities
6- Covenant agreement signed and dated SUBMITED or:

Mail to:
Holy Spirit University,
P.O. Box 909
East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816

C) Covenant Agreement:
As a student of Holy Spirit University, I understand that:

1- Holy Spirit University is a Christian University. This means that all the principles of righteous and upright living are to be upheld. I understand that I am expected to live a life which legally and morally exemplifies the Christian faith. I understand that any infraction of this standard can result in my dismissal from the college. It is clear to me that dishonesty (including lying, cheating, and unauthorized employment) is clearly a violation of this moral code.

2- Holy Spirit University is school of ministry. This means that the purpose of those enrolled here should be to become prepared for a life of ministry. I understand that such a function and preparation cannot be completed simply by classroom lecture. Therefore, I accept the fact that considerable out-of-class activities are to be a part of my education. Involvement with and participation in all functions (including fund raisers, social events, and special meetings), as well as, actual hands-on ministry is an excellent way for me to become familiar with many aspects of ministry life. Therefore, I commit myself to total involvement.

3- Holy Spirit University is an academic institution. This means that although the emphasis of the school is ministry, a high academic standard is upheld. I understand that I am expected to prepare for class by reading the assigned material and any parallel materials available whether assigned or suggested by the instructor. In addition, I will research the class topic to find other materials which complement and supplement the class work. I commit myself to excellence in class attendance, study, and completion of assignments. I further understand that I must use my time here at GCC to train myself for a life-long experience of self-education; therefore, I will not rely simply upon my instructors to educate me in the classroom. I will, rather, learn on my own through library research, reading, and on-the-job training.

4- Holy Spirit University is a full-time University. This means that I must expect my education to consume the majority of my time. I understand that missing class, avoiding extra-curricular involvement, failing to spend quality time and effort on my assignments, and opting not to avail myself of the library resources will negate the effectiveness of HSU in my life. Therefore, I commit myself to a serious, full-time educational endeavor while here at Holy Spirit University.

HSU Administrator
We look forward to serving you!