Leadership/Pastoring (LP)

Principles of Leadership - I

Description: The majority of the divine encounters throughout the Bible have related to God's call on a man of God. The call of God is the point of revelation for the Christian leader, and the personal foundation for ministry. This is true for every Christian, though not every ministry requires the same things as leadership of a ministry/church. We are first of all to know Christ and serve His Body, the believers in
Christ. As we give away our lives to Christ and His Church, we will discover that call. This subject we’re going to learn about Developing Right Habits, Being a Team layer, Character of a Leader, and Wisdom on Leadership

Leadership Roles And Responsibilities

LPM 520 (Leadership - II)

Description: In the church today, it is important to walk before others with moral and ethical behavior. We should be mindful of the impression and influence we have on others. The old adage, “You may be the only Bible that someone will ever see” is so very true. We need to be known as people of ethical conduct. This course will explore the different characteristics of ethical Christian behavior. It will give insight to the
proper way to handle ministerial responsibilities.


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